Palm Token


Palm Island Ecosystem Token & P2P payment method to support environmental organizations.

Peer-to-peer Donations

Decentralized and traceable donations, assuring a safe & secure peer to peer donation.  

Fast, Secure & Scalable

Built on the fastest growing blockchain. Transaction cost less then 0.01$ while assuring security and scalability.

Native & Governance Token

The native token for Palm Island ecosystem, as well as the governance token which is used by the DAO to create proposals and vote.

Utilities & Features

Being the native token of Palm Crypto, $PALM is utilized in projects such as future Marketplace, P2E and many more upcoming projects.

Palm Crypto shares a percentage of profits from projects to buyback $PALM and strengthen its value.

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Battling Climate Change

By the end of the century, daytime highs could reach 50°C, with 200 days of exceptional heat every year. Without urgent action to curb global emissions, cities in the region may become uninhabitable before 2100.

Here’s how we contribute and effectively make a change…

How The Treasury Works

The treasury is funded through certain percentages of profits that are collected from Palm Crypto projects.

Collecting funds that will later be donated to environmental organizations chosen by the community.

Only $PALM Token holders will be able to vote and propose to the DAO.

Presale Will Be Available Soon

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Palm Crypto is a community built organization which aims to impact in reversing climate change in the MENA region and develop an extensive network of blockchain-based Projects to help the area adapt and introduce web3 into the region.